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Transformemos Honduras is an ecumenical Christian movement spearheaded by AJS-supported justice workers in Honduras, but also supported by World Vision, a variety of other local and international organizations, Honduran Catholic and Evangelical leaders, the UNDP, and scores of congregations, seeking to get the Honduran government to enact 15 important changes in the areas of Employment, Health, Education, Corruption, and Crime.

15 Proposals for Honduras'
Next Leader

The Transformemos Honduras ("Let's Transform Honduras") movement, which is spearheaded by AJS-supported justice workers in Honduras but also has support from World Vision-Honduras, Project Global Village, the Catholic and Evangelical churches, and many others, is seeking to collect 1 million signatures to urge Honduras' next president, whoever that may be, to implement the following 15 proposals. (See them in Spanish here)

Employment and Economy

1. Generate mass employment through construction of public works: 100,000 homes for the poor, 8 hydroelectric dams to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, etc.

2. Create thousands of new businesses: invest millions of Lempiras in loans for starting small businesses in urban and rural areas.

3. Create a Country Plan: design and execute a short- and long-term country plan whose primary focus is reducing poverty.


4. Medicine and equipment: Implement an efficient and transparent system for purchase and delivery of materiales and medicines for Honduras' public health system.

5. Quality health services: Improve the quality of health services through a system of continual evaluation and training of all public health system personnel.

6. Change the model of health: Put a new National Health Plan in place, with an emphasis on Primary Care.


7. 200 days of class: Teachers must give all 200 legally mandated days of class in order to be eligible for salary increases.

8. Quality Education: Improve the quality of education through a system of continual evaluation and training of all public school teachers.

9. Deep Changes in National Education: A new National Education Plan, including a new Education Law.

Transparency and Ethics

10. The people's money is for the people: Zero Lempiras spent on government publicity, payoffs to journalists, confidential accounts, subsidies for congressional representatives, etc.

11. Transparent purchases: ALL processes of state purchases and contracting must be transparent.

12. Election of the Supreme Court, Attorney General, Supreme Tribunal of Accounts, Supreme Electoral Tribunal, and Solicitor General: The election of all these oversight and justice bodies should be done through a participative, depoliticized process.

Justice and Security

13. Cleaning up the justice system: Approval of laws for evaluating, purging, and training justice officials.

14. Creating an investigative body that answers directly to the Attorney General's office: so that prosecutors can direct professional, coordinated investigations.

15. Justice officials themselves must follow the law: police officers, prosecutors, and judges should have laws governing them and should follow those laws.


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